December 2022 - Release Notes

Below you will find the detailed release notes of the improvements and bug fixes that happened in December.


  • The RF MCS chart now shows a series for each CPE Radio, making it easier to find troublesome CPE Radios.
  • RF airtime utilization chart is now available on the Access Point overview.
  • When mapping PPPoE from a Mikrotik router, IPv6 addresses are now mapped based on the IPv6 Address table and the DHCPv6 table.

Bug Fixes

  • When selecting an unknown score in a table, rows with an unknown trend were also selected.
  • The table hamburger menu pop-up floated as the window scrolled instead of being fixed to the table header.
  • The table hamburger menu pop-up did not go away on the second click.
  • The time picker in the Support view did not show the hour and second selectors.
  • The latency histogram at the subscriber and IP levels did not display the latency buckets.
  • The Overview link rates had incorrect scale factors.