Druid Raemis Integration

Integrate with a Druid Raemis EPC to load customers and network infrastructure into Preseem.

Preseem can integrate to your Druid/Raemis LTE system to keep in sync with customers, services and network infrastructure. The following steps describe how to setup Raemis for use with Preseem.

How It Works

Preseem polls Raemis for information about sites, device, accounts and services via an API,.  This can be done from the Preseem cloud or from an on-premises Preseem appliance or a separate Fedora server.  Changes in Raemis are synced to Preseem within 5 minutes.

  • eNodeBs are read from Raemis. 
    • If the eNodeB has been imported into Preseem as an Access Point via its public API or from a billing system, the imported eNodeB's information such as Tower and Sector are used.  This relies on the IP address of the eNodeB matching the IP address read from Raemis. 
    • If a matching Access Point does not already exist in Preseem, a new one is created with tower "Raemis" and name "Raemis Cell {cell_id} ({ip_address})"
  • UE data is read from Raemis.
    • The IP addressIMSI and serving eNodeB are imported into Preseem as mapping information.

Setup Instructions

Login to the Raemis server as an administrative user, and create a new API User.  Make sure the access level is set to "Level 2" as displayed in the screen capture below.


Provide the Preseem support team with the following information:

  • The URL to your Raemis server
  • The Username and Password for the Raemis user you created.