How Do I Provide Location Information to Preseem?

To investigate situations based on towers and access points, the traffic IP address of your customers needs to be mapped to their location, or topology, information


To obtain topology information directly from your network, the Preseem device needs an SNMP read community that it will use to automatically poll the Access Points.

The Preseem software then maps the topology information as metadata attached to your customers' traffic IP addresses. Here is the typical information we require to perform topology mappings:

Access point's IP address, Access point (sector) name, tower name, SNMP read community for polling

This set of information may somewhat depend on your network architecture.

Before SNMP polling is put in place, a spreadsheet can be used to store this information, where each row contains one data point per column mentioned above.

To put SNMP polling in place, make sure that all your APs have SNMP turned on, and that your Preseem device is able to reach them. The SNMP queries are made via the management interface of the Preseem server. Here is an example query that should work, assuming the SNMP read community is "redrose" and the AP's IP address is

snmpget -v1 -c redrose

Provide the community name to Preseem, and we will configure it for you.