January 2023 - Release Notes

Below you will find the detailed release notes of the improvements and bug fixes that happened in January.

New Features

Mimosa A5-360/A5x

Access Point Health, Access Point RF, CPE Radio Business Value, CPE Radio RF Scores, and Subscriber Capacity are now available for Mimosa A5 series access points.


  • RF airtime utilization is now shown by port.

Bug Fixes

  • In Explore, a small pop-up menu showed the current location in the hierarchy. This pop-up could cover the time picker requiring it to be cleared to select the time. This pop-up has been removed.
  • The element error list has a column that contains the error code. This column was not fully populated.
  • The ports metric view had a race condition which caused not all port charts to be shown on every load. This manifested as randomly missing charts.
  • The AP MCS chart did not properly show an MCS time series for all stations.