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How Do I Deploy Preseem on My Virtual or Own Hardware Server?

This article covers the requirements for a non-Preseem hardware solution


The main hardware needs are provided on this page: https://www.preseem.com/hardware/

Make sure to have 3 available interfaces at least, one for management and 2 for a data bridge.


The main software needs are provided on this page: https://www.preseem.com/hardware/

Essentially, please install the latest Fedora operating system.


The system must be able to reach the internet to upgrade Fedora and install Preseem software. This includes the DNS service. These commands should be able to work successfully:

ping www.google.com
dnf -y --refresh update

Your Preseem server will access the cloud.preseem.com and metrics.preseem.com to exchange information.


We will need an IP address and user credentials (name and password) to log in. Preseem will install the required software application once provided with access. Feel free to constrain the access as much as you can, including jump boxes, port forwarding, VPN, etc. We will use the following two IP addresses as our source IPs. You can allow those two IPs from your firewall.

Please refer the following article on configuring the firewall for more information.


Next Steps

We will be happy to assist you with the next onboarding steps, including:

  • Putting the device inline
  • Reviewing device configuration, and enabling metrics publishing
  • Setting up subscriber mapping to map IP addresses to subscribers & plan speeds
  • Setting up topology mapping to map IP addresses to towers and sectors
  • Gathering a few days' worth of statistics
  • Reviewing the system, and holding a training and analysis session with you
  • Enabling plan enforcement & optimization