Telrad Integration

How to connect Preseem to your Telrad EPC

How It Works

  • Preseem queries the public API of BreezeVIEW to get at list of all eNodeBs and UEs in the network.
  • Each eNodeB should be entered as an Access Point in Preseem, either by entering it into the billing system Preseem is integrated with, or by using the Preseem API to enter it.  The IP address of the Access Point must be the same as the IP address of the eNodeB.  Preseem uses this to know which Tower/Sector to assign the eNodeB to.
    • It is possible to use the area and name of an eNodeB directly from BreezeVIEW instead; contact Preseem is this configuration is needed.
  • The IP address, IMSI, and current eNodeB of each UE are used by Preseem to determine the service/account and network topology of network traffic for Telrad customers.

Setup Instructions

To setup the Preseem-Telrad integration, you will need to provide the following:

  1. The hostname or IP address of your BreezeVIEW server.  Since this is usually accessible only within the management network, Preseem is usually setup to connect to it from the Preseem appliance.
  2. The username and password of a BreezeVIEW account.  We recommend creating a new read-only account for this purpose; instructions for this are provided below.

Once you have this information, start a conversation in the Preseem web application, and provide it to us.  We will then configure Preseem to connect to the BreezeVIEW API; after that, Preseem will automatically keep in sync with BreezeVIEW.

To create a new BreezeVIEW user, login to BreezeVIEW as an administrative user.
Use the menu at the top left of the screen to open a CLI window:


Once the CLI opens, type adduser  and press enter.  Follow the prompts to create the user; an example is below.