VISP Integration

This article explains how Preseem integrates with VISP UBO.

How It Works

Preseem polls UBO for information about site equipment and customers via an API, from the Preseem cloud.  Changes in UBO are synced to Preseem within 5 minutes.

  • Site equipment is read into Preseem's model of (Tower, Sector).
    • All Equipment of each Site is loaded into Preseem.  Each site equipment in UBO creates an Access Point in Preseem.
    • The Site Name in UBO is used to set the Tower in Preseem.
    • The Description of the equipment in UBO is used to set the Sector in Preseem.
    • The IP Address of the equipment in UBO is the IP Address of the AP in Preseem.  Preseem will attempt to SNMP poll this IP address.
    • Preseem will set a 10Gbps shaper on the IP Address of all site equipment in UBO to prevent management traffic from being shaped to the default rate. This is only done for site equipment; there is no other way to assign IP addresses to a site in UBO.
  • Customer Account data is read into Preseem's data model.
    • The Account ID in Preseem is the Customer ID in UBO.  This is used to uniquely identify an account in Preseem.
    • For accounts with multiple services, the Account ID in Preseem includes both the Customer ID and the Service Number, with a period "." separating them.
    • The Account Name in Preseem is the customer's First Name and Last Name in UBO.
    • Preseem will create a shaper for each Service defined in for customers in UBO.  This shaper has the Down Speed and Up Speed defined for the service's package, and includes all IP Addresses assigned to the service in UBO. 
    • All Equipment assigned to each customer is loaded into Preseem.
    • The MAC Address assigned to equipment and services of customers in UBO is matched against SNMP polling data in Preseem to map the customer services to the network topology.  If a service has multiple CPEs, Preseem tries to find the most accurate mapping.
    • A customer is considered Active in Preseem if its status is one of Due, Paid Up, or Past Due in UBO.  By default, services on non-active accounts are shaped to their regular service speed by Preseem.  This behavior can be changed by Preseem on a case by case basis, so that non-active services are blocked.  Currently this configuration can only be done by Preseem, but in the future it will be available in the Preseem web app.
  • Any IP address that is inspected by Preseem and is not assigned to a customer or a network site in UBO will be displayed as "No Metadata" in Preseem, and will be shaped to a default bitrate that is configured on each Preseem appliance.  This can be reported on using Preseem data exports as described here.

Setup Instructions

Preseem and VISP will integrate the systems together on your behalf.  

Please follow this VISP documentation to make sure your UBO is configured properly for Preseem.