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Preseem Time Range Controls Explained

What is the proper syntax for the time ranges used for filtering and visualizing data graphs and charts within Preseem?

Questions you might have asked

  • What is the proper syntax for the time ranges used for filtering and visualizing data within Preseem?

  • How does From now-1w/w     To now-1w/w mean previous week?

  • What is the difference between now/w and now?

Time Range Controls

Throughout the Preseem application there is a common interface for selecting and filtering the time range that is used to visualize the data in the various charts and graphs.

This page describes supported time units and relative ranges, the common time controls,  and the syntax that is used to customize the range used.


Time units and relative ranges

The following time units are supported: s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), d (days), w (weeks), M (months), and y (years).

The minus operator allows you to step back in time, relative to now. If you wish to display the full period of the unit (day, week, month, etc.) append /<time unit> to the end.

Here are some examples:

Relative Range From Value: To Value
Last 5 minutes now-5m now
The day so far now/d now
This week now/w now/w
Previous Week now-1w/w now-1w/w
Week to date now/w now
Previous Month now-1M/M now-1M/M

Quick Ranges

As their name implies Quick Ranges are quick and easy to use.  They are a set or predefined ranges of time that represent the most commonly used ranges that can be selected with a single click.  Once selected, the `From` and `to` fields will be populated with the appropriate values.

Available Quick Ranges

Quick Range Name Time Range Equivalent
From To
Last 15 minutes now-15m now
Last 30 minutes now-30m now
Last 1 Hour now-1h now
Last 3 Hours now-3h now
Last 6 Hours now-6h now
Last 24 Hours now-24h now
Yesterday now-1d/d now-1d/d
Last 2 Days now-2d/d now
Last 5 Days now-5d/d now
Previous Week now-1w/w now-1w/w
Previous Month now-1M/M now-1M/M
Previous Year now-1y/y now-1y/y

In a nutshell

  • now means now i.e. this moment in time.

  • now-1w means now minus 1 week i.e. from this hour minute second 1week ago

  • now/w means the week that includes now i.e. this week, the current week.

  • now-1w/w means the week of this time 1 week ago. i.e. last week or previous week

  • now/M means the month that has now in it. i.e. this month January

  • now/y means the year that has now in it i.e. this year 2021

Think about it like a question

now-1M/y is like saying what year was it /y, 1 month ago -1M today now i.e. what year was it last December 14th? 2020.