Putting the Preseem Device Inline

Getting your Preseem device to publish data to the cloud.

Your Preseem device must first have one management interface connected such as to obtain access to the Internet, and have a single DNS entry to resolve internet server names to IP addresses. Connections to the Preseem cloud on ports 443 and 4222 will be required for mapping and metrics publishing operations.

Preseem gets inserted between your subscriber network and public Internet using a pair of data interfaces, which must be separate from the management interface. The device needs to observe your traffic directly to monitor the subscribers' Quality of Experience. When the service is activated in Preseem, it creates a transparent bridge between the two designated network interfaces (warning: be prepared for this, as it could create a loop in your network). One interface will be connected to your subscriber network side, and the other interface to the Internet. This information will be shared during onboarding-related communications.

Once the device is inline, it will start transmitting data to the cloud and will be ready for the subscriber mapping.

Tip: If you find it difficult to identify the physical network interfaces to connect the cables, please use the following command by login in to the device. This command will blink the NIC LED light.

# ethtool -p [interface]