November 2022 - Release Notes

Below you will find the detailed release notes of all the exciting new features that launched in November.

Score Trends

Available in Plus 

Understand Your Fixed Wireless Network and Where It’s Heading.

The Preseem Access Point and CPE Radio scores enable operators to understand the state of their fixed wireless network with far less effort and expertise. This enables proactive activities that are key to providing subscribers with a good quality of experience (QoE).

The score values presented in the element tables provide an overview of each element. Understanding where the scores are trending requires looking at the element view for each element.

The new Score Trends feature brings this information directly into the element table, making it much easier to understand the score trends across many elements simultaneously. This enables your team to quickly answer key questions such as:

  • Which Access Points have good RF conditions but are trending toward poor values?
  • Which Access Points deliver a good quality of experience but are trending toward delivering a poor experience?
  • Which CPE Radios have an acceptable RF score but are trending toward a poor score?

These use cases and more are addressed with an easy-to-understand trend direction attached to each score and the ability to use the trend state as part of the element table filters.

Diagnostics Improvements

Available in Plus 

Quickly Diagnose Access Point and CPE Radio Problems with Less Time and Expertise

For each Access Point and CPE Radio, Preseem shows diagnostics that highlight problems requiring significant time investment and deep expertise to identify by looking at metrics directly. These diagnostics enable the support team and others without deep expertise to more quickly determine if the problem is within the ISP network and, therefore, not waste time working with the subscriber.

The diagnostics have been improved to include the direction, making it easier to determine if the root cause of the problem is on the Access Point or CPE Radio side.


Available in Plus and Essentials 

Operate Proactively and Investigate Problems on Entire Sites

A Site is a grouping of network elements. This concept is now available throughout the new element lists and views, including the Access Point and CPE Radio views.

This makes it easy to operate proactively and investigate Access Point and CPE Radio problems Site-wide.

Example use cases include:

  • Determine if a reduction in the RF score for a single customer is specific to that customer or if something has changed for all customers attached to Access Points in the same Site
  • Identify Access Points within the same Site that are good candidates to move subscribers over from overloaded Access Points by looking at the Scores and Subscriber Capacity values
  • Easily understand the capacity of a given Site based on the Subscriber Capacity value for each Access Point in the Site

Element List

Available in Plus and Essentials 

Easily Understand System State and Third-party Integrations

The Access Point and CPE Radio lists show elements of each role type with role-specific information. The new element list shows elements for all role types. This exposes more system state information, making it easier to understand and debug integration problems.

This new view includes the source of the element. Typically, this is a billing integration, as well as the unique ID for the element within the source system. It also shows the acting and intent roles for each element. The acting role is the role as determined by Preseem, while the intent role is the role as suggested by the third-party integration.

In the future, as we introduce new element roles such as OLT and ONT, this list will become even more helpful.

Element Error List

Available in Plus and Essentials 

Understand and Address Classes of Element Problems That Impact Your Preseem Deployment.

Preseem polls network elements such as Access Points to obtain information necessary for building the network topology and to obtain metrics that are input to the scores and other features.

When Preseem cannot poll an element or obtain the required information, the element is flagged with one or more errors.

This information is displayed for each element on the individual element view. This serves the purpose of investigating individual elements well.

The new Error List view makes it possible to view element errors by type and identify all elements with the same error state. This makes it easier to identify systematic problems and address classes of problems without having to look at each element.

Other Notable Changes

Available in Plus and Essentials


The performance of large Access Point and CPE Radio lists (> 10,000 rows) has been greatly improved.

Time Picker

The Time Picker used to select metric time windows has been improved to make it more intuitive, and help is now available that explains the relative time features.

Access Point Support

Ubiquiti LTU

Access Point Health, Access Point RF, CPE Radio Business Value, CPE Radio RF Scores, and Subscriber Capacity are now available for Ubiquiti LTU.

Access Point and CPE Radio Lists

Earlier in 2022, we rolled out new Access Point and CPE Radio lists. These lists support the equipment for which we have full score support.

Now, these lists also show equipment for which metrics are available, but scores are not. This makes the lists more complete from an inventory perspective. The following Access Point hardware is now supported:

  • Alvarion
  • Axxcelera
  • Cambium PMP 100 FSK
  • IgniteNet
  • Kwikbit
  • LigoWave
  • Mimosa
  • Proxim
  • Radwin
  • Trango
  • Tranzeo
  • Ubiquiti Wave AP
  • Vecima


Preseem now supports obtaining subscriber mapping information from Tarana access points. This is used to identify traffic associated with subscribers for latency, throughput, other key metrics, and QoE-optimized plan enforcement. Tarana access points are also included in the Wireless Summary analysis, which includes daily performance metrics and QoE benchmarks.