Azotel Integration

This article explains how Preseem integrates with Azotel SIMPLer.

How It Works

Preseem polls SIMPLer for information about site equipment and customers via an API, from the Preseem cloud.  Changes in SIMPLer are synced to Preseem within 5 minutes.

  • Site equipment is read into Preseem's model of (Tower, Sector).  All site equipment in Azotel is loaded into Preseem as a potential Sector/AP. 
    • The Site Name in SIMPLer is used to set the Tower in Preseem.
    • The Equipment Nickname in SIMPLer is used to set the Sector in Preseem.
    • The IP Address in SIMPLer is the IP address of the AP in Preseem.  Preseem will attempt to SNMP poll this IP address.  It will also set a 10Gbps shaper on it to prevent management traffic from being shaped to the default rate.
    • Preseem only gets site equipment that has an IP address assigned in SIMPLer.
  • Customer data is read into Preseem's data model. 
    • The Traffic Shaping Bucket, found under Network Details for a customer in SIMPLer, is used to set the upload and download rates for each account in Preseem.
    • Each IP address from the IP table for each customer in SIMPLer is mapped to that account in Preseem.  The upload and download rates in Preseem will be shared by those IP addresses.  Equipment that does not have its IP address populated in the IP table will not be included in the Preseem shapers.
    • MAC addresses from the equipment table and IP table for each customer in SIMPLer are used to map accounts to the network topology in Preseem.  Preseem SNMP polls APs in the network and gets a list of connected CPE radios for each AP.  The MAC addresses from this SNMP polling are matched against the MAC addresses in SIMPLer to map the network topology.  CPE IP address is used as a secondary lookup if there are no CPE MAC addresses assigned to a customer in SIMPLer.
    • If SNMP polling for a customer has not found the customer's parent device, the parent device from SIMPLer is used to provide the best possible topology mapping.
    • By default, Preseem does not process non-active customers; for example, customers with "post" status.  This is because it is sometimes possible for post customers to contain stale, inaccurate data such as IP and MAC addresses that have been reassigned to an active customer.  This behavior can be changed by Preseem on a case by case basis, so that non-active customers have their IP addresses mapped.  Currently this configuration can only be done by Preseem, but in the future it will be exposed to the Preseem web app.
  • Any IP address that is inspected by Preseem and is not assigned to a customer or a network site in SIMPLer will be displayed as "No Metadata" in Preseem, and will be shaped to a default bitrate that is configured on each Preseem appliance.  This can be reported on using Preseem data exports as described here.
  • Preseem can report per-customer usage to Azotel.  To enable this feature requires configuration by Preseem and also by Azotel; contact Preseem support to enable it.