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What SFP Modules Should I Use in My Preseem Appliance?

It is important to buy compatible SFP modules. This page lists the modules known to be compatible with the Preseem appliance hardware.

Note: It is important to buy SFP modules that are comptible with the network interface card (NIC) used. If you do not use a Preseem appliance, the modules listed here may not work for your hardware.

For non appliance hardware, please see the generic hardware requirements.

For use in Preseem appliances, Preseem recommends using these Finisar SFP or SFP+ transceivers:

  • 1Gbps Multi Mode: FTLF8519P3BNL
  • 1Gbps Single Mode: FTLF1318P3BTL
  • 10Gbps Multi Mode FTLX8574D3BCL
  • 10Gbps Single Mode: FTLX1471D3BCL
  • 1Gbps Copper SFP: FCLF8522P2BTL
  • 40Gbps Multi Mode: FTL410QE2C

If your need falls outside these possibilities, contact Preseem and we will be happy to assist you.