Splynx API Integration

How to connect Preseem to your Splynx system

Preseem can query Splynx to pull information about accounts, plans and network sites, including APs, into Preseem. This enables Preseem to measure QoE metrics for each site and customer, and in the future, to apply its Active Queue Management algorithms to maximize the QoE of customers attached to a congested site.

What You Need

In Splynx, create a new API key for Preseem. The Preseem system needs:

  • the API key
  • the secret, and
  • the URL / IP address to the Splynx instance

Setup Instructions

This video shows an example of how to setup Splynx for use with Preseem.

Creating an API Key

Enable these permissions for the API key.

Tariff plans

  • Internet: View


  • Compiler: View
  • Policies: View
  • Capped Data: View
  • CAP Tariff: View
  • FUP Limits: View


  • Customer: View
  • Customer Internet services: View
  • Customers Online: View


  • Routers: View
  • Mikrotik sectors: View
  • Routers sectors: View
  • Mikrotik: View
  • Monitoring: View
  • IPv4 Networks: View
  • IPv4 Networks IP: View
  • CPE: View
  • CPE AP: View
  • CPE DHCP: View
  • CPE QoS: View


  • Locations: View